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Obama arrives in Afghanistan

Article published on the 2008-07-19 Latest update 2008-07-19 10:31 TU

Illinois senator and US presidential hopeful Barak Obama( File Photo : AFP )

Illinois senator and US presidential hopeful Barak Obama
( File Photo : AFP )

US Democratic presidential nominee Barak Obama landed in Kabul on Saturday, his campaign office confirmed, as his first stop on an overseas tour that will include Iraq and Europe. Obama met with US troops stationed in Kuwait on his way to Kabul. The Illinois senator is traveling in his capacity as a congressman, who said it was up to US President George W. Bush to discuss specific policy with heads of state he will be visiting.

Obama considers Afghanistan a major part of his foreign policy plan, which he outlined in a speech last week. If elected president, he plans bump up US troop numbers and contribute two more combat brigades, up to 10,000 in Afghanistan.

The senator from Illinois has also called for more training for Afghan army and police and a greater commitment from Europe and NATO.

Support for the rule of law in Afghanistan and major aid packages to help opium poppy farmers and others round out his list of ideas for the struggling country.