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Thousands protest Gaza offensive in Paris and London

Article published on the 2009-01-10 Latest update 2009-01-11 09:51 TU

Demonstrators protest on Saturday in response to the Israeli air strikes on Gaza, Paris(Photo: Reuters)

Demonstrators protest on Saturday in response to the Israeli air strikes on Gaza, Paris
(Photo: Reuters)

Thousands of people demonstrated against Israel's offensive in Gaza on Saturday, with the largest in London and Paris. More protests are expected Sunday in Belgium and Spain.

Organisers of the Paris demonstration claimed that attendance was 25-30,000, a bigger turnout than the previous week, according to RFI's Anustup Roy, reporting from the protest.

Along with left-wing political parties and Muslim groups were Americans Against the War, claiming that President-elect Barack Obama "needs to get out of his silence mode".

Live report: Anustup Roy on the Paris demonstration

10/01/2009 by Judith Prescott

More than 3,800 police were mobilised for the Paris demonstration, for fear of a repetition of the incidents of vandalism that occured after last week's demonstration.

There were other protests in more than 80 French towns and cities on Saturday.

Organisers of the London march claimed that 100,000 people had responded to their call. Police put the figure at 12,000.

In Germany, about ten thousand people, many of them of Turkish origin, demonstrated in Duisburg.

There were smaller demonstrations in Greece and Hungary.

In Belgium, a demonstration is planned for Sunday in Brussels. There was some vandalism after a protest in Liège on Friday. A demonstration is also planned in Spain on Sunday.