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France - anti-terror campaign

Four detained for circulating intelligence chief's address

Article published on the 2009-05-19 Latest update 2009-05-19 14:07 TU

Police sent to arrest sabotage suspects in Tarnac, Corrèze, November 2008.(Photo: Reuters)

Police sent to arrest sabotage suspects in Tarnac, Corrèze, November 2008.
(Photo: Reuters)

Four people have been arrested in south-east France for circulating a leaflet containing the address of the second home of a high-ranking intelligence official. The central director of national intelligence, Bernard Squarcini, says the act constitutes a threat and intimidation.

According to a leaflet handed out at the Forcalquier market on Monday, the director of an anti-establishment publishing house, François Bouchardeau, and his wife were among those detained.

They, and the two others taken in for questioning, had allegedly distributed another flyer which had mentioned the address of the holiday home of the Central Director of National Intelligence, Bernard Squarcini.

They are all said to be close to a group set up to support a group of young people living in the south-western village of Tarnac group, who were accused of damaging high-speed TGV railway lines last year under anti-terror legislation.

One suspect, Julien Coupat, has been in custody for six months, while other suspects have been released.

Three other people believed to have contacts with the Tarnac Group, were arrested on Monday in Rouen. Police on Tuesday extended the detention of the two men and a woman arrested in the Normandy city for 24 hours.