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Three French tourists among Philippine flood victims

Article published on the 2009-08-07 Latest update 2009-08-07 15:23 TU

Soldiers carry the body of a trekker who drowned(Photo: Reuters/ABS-CBN)

Soldiers carry the body of a trekker who drowned
(Photo: Reuters/ABS-CBN)

Three French tourists were among at least 12 people killed by floods in the Philippines. They were caught in a flash flood when a dike collapsed during heavy rains.

The victims were among a group of French and South Korean tourists, who were travelling on the massive volcano, Mount Pinatubo, on Thursday. A landslide blocked their path, trapping one of their convoy of three cars, according to local officials.

Two Frenchmen and a Frenchwoman died, as did their two Filipino guides. Three Frenchmen and three Frenchwomen survived and were  taken to a hospital in Tarlac City and later to Manila.

Seven other people, including at least three children, died as floods reached roofs in some towns.

A landslide hit a hut where 14 miners were resting at the foot of another mountain. Nine were pulled from the wreckage alive but five are still missing.

Over 12,000 people have left their homes to escape the floods. The worst hit area is Zambales province, west of Manila in the foothills of Mount Pinatubo.