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Serbia - weapons

Serbian Police unearth weapons cache in Kosovo border

Article published on the 2009-08-19 Latest update 2009-08-19 16:24 TU

Weapons seized in Macedonia west of Skopje, November 2007(Photo: AFP)

Weapons seized in Macedonia west of Skopje, November 2007
(Photo: AFP)

In Bujoanovac, southern Serbia, police have unearthed a large stash of weapons in an underground fuel tank. The discovery occurred in the same region where bomb attacks on security forces injured several people last July.

A multi-ethnic patrol discovered the bombs, hand grenades, firearms and live rounds hidden inside a fuel tank that had been welded up.

Stanisa Mihajlovic, the investigating magistrate told television network B92 that the case was being treated as “terrorism” as the weapons had been kept in good conditions ruling out the possibility that they were leftovers from the 2001 conflict between ethnic Albanians and Serb forces.

Last July four people has been wounded in two separate bomb attacks. In accordance with an internationally brokered peace agreement, ethnic Albanians in the South were disarmed after the 2001 conflict.