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Serbia - football attack

French supporter dies in Belgrade hospital

Article published on the 2009-09-29 Latest update 2009-09-29 12:33 TU

The Partizan Football Stadium, in Belgrade(Photo: WikiMedia Commons)

The Partizan Football Stadium, in Belgrade
(Photo: WikiMedia Commons)

A French football fan hurt ina fight with Serbian supporters in Belgrade has died, a hospital spokesperson said. Brice Taton, a Toulouse follower, sustained brain damage after fans of opposition side Partizan Belgrade attacked French supporters in a bar on 17 September.

The 28-year-old passed away on Tuesday morning, Belgrade hospital official Drago Jovanovic said in a statement.

"Taton had irreversible brain damage and prior to the death, a sudden weakening of all vital functions occurred," the statement said.

Taton was one of two Toulouse supporters hurt before their team's 3-2 Europa League victory over the Belgrade side.

He underwent surgery twice and had been in a critical condition. The second French fan was released from hospital after treatment.

Belgrade police have arrested ten people on suspicion of involvement in the fight.