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African radio in the UK

by Daniel Finnan

Article published on the 2009-10-06 Latest update 2009-10-12 17:07 TU

Adé (centre) & the KLLB band in the studio at New Style Radio, Birmingham(Photo: Afrobeat)

Adé (centre) & the KLLB band in the studio at New Style Radio, Birmingham
(Photo: Afrobeat)

Community radio in Britain is a relatively new phenomenon and this year it celebrated its fifth birthday. There are now more than 140 community radio stations broadcasting across the country, giving listeners a choice from different communities of interest. Two of these – New Style Radio in Birmingham and Voice of Africa Radio in London - are giving Africans an opportunity to have their voices heard.

RFI spoke to Voice of Africa Radio project manager Space Clottey and New Style Radio station manager Dennis Edwards to find out why it is important for Africans to have a presence on-air.

African radio in the UK

06/10/2009 by Daniel Finnan

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