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Asterix's 50th birthday marked with new adventure

Article published on the 2009-10-22 Latest update 2009-10-23 18:11 TU

Asterix's hat(Photo: wikipedia)

Asterix's hat
(Photo: wikipedia)

After sales of 325 million, most of them outside France, Asterix and the village of Gauls are on a new adventure. This month sees the 50th anniversary of the first Asterix book.

The event will be marked by the publication of the 34th Asterix story and events in Paris and in Brittany.

Although the creators of Asterix's village never said that it was based on one particular place, several French villages claim to be the inspiration behind the last point of resistance to the marauding Romans.

The next book is entitled Asterix and Obelix's Birthday: the gold book and will be published in 15 countries.

The majority of these non-French sales are in Germany and there are translations into no less than 29 regional German dialects.

French DVD cover of Asterix the Gaul(Credit: Dargaud Films)

French DVD cover of Asterix the Gaul
(Credit: Dargaud Films)

Asterix's adventures are also the subject of a theme park just outside of Paris, while merchandising means he exists as a soft toy and appears on bed linen.

Numerous films have charted his adventures, in which he has visited Britain, conquered America and taken on the Vikings.

Although he is getting on, Asterix books are still being published, and in a quiet ceremony a few days ago in the Paris suburb of Bobigny a plaque was unveiled paying hommage to one of France's greatest cultural heroes!

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