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Honduras - political crisis

Tensions rise in Honduras as Micheletti’s nephew murdered

Article published on the 2009-10-27 Latest update 2009-10-27 07:59 TU

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya walks inside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa (Photo: Reuters/Edgard Garrido)

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya walks inside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa
(Photo: Reuters/Edgard Garrido)

The political crisis in Honduras has worsened with the weekend murders of a colonel and a nephew of the military ruler Roberto Micheletti. Ousted President Manuel Zelaya, meanwhile, said he is confident that the crisis will be resolved by his returning to power.

Police found the remains of Micheletti’s 25-year-old nephew Enzo Micheletti, who went missing on Friday, near Choloma, some 250 kilometres north of the capital Tegucigalpo on Sunday, along with those of another youth.

Police say his hands were tied behind his back and his body was riddled with bullets.

There is no direct evidence to suggest that his murder was politically-motivated but local justice official Rafael Fletes told AFP that he did not rule out the possibility.

In an unrelated incident, unidentified attackers shot and killed a colonel in Tegucigalpa on Sunday.

Colonel Concepcion Jimenez, who worked for a private company which supplies clothes to the Honduran army, died in hospital after he was shot dead outside his home

Meanwhile, Zelaya said in a radio interview that he was confident he would eventually be reinstated, despite the collapse of negotiations with the military junta that ousted him.

"There's a crisis. How do we get out of it? With an agreement. That agreement... you must have faith, will come. I can't give you details, but the agreement will come," Zelaya told Radio Globo at the Brazilian Embassy where he is holed up.

Talks to resolve the political crisis collapsed over the de facto government's refusal to reinstate Zelaya, who on Friday rejected Micheletti's offer to step down if he (Zelaya) gave up his claim to the presidency.

Presidential elections are to go ahead on November 29 but Zelaya said nobody would recognise the results.

"The world will not recognize those elections and what will be Honduras’ destiny then? Remain in isolation, without ambassadors, without consuls, without international relations?

"Is that what they want for Honduras?" he said.

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