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Climate Change Conference - Greenpeace protest

Bomb scare at French parliament

Article published on the 2009-12-02 Latest update 2009-12-02 18:03 TU

Greenpeace protestors outside the French parliament

Greenpeace protestors outside the French parliament

The French parliament was evacuated on Wednesday following a telephone warning which said a bomb had been planted in the debating chamber. Environmental campaigners from Greenpeace had climbed on the roof and accessed the building.

A source from the National Assembly said they had received a warning about the bomb, but it was not clear whether this was linked to the action by Greenpeace.

Staff searched the parliament and gave the all-clear. No suspicious packages were found.

Before the evacuation, protestors had dropped into the chamber on a rope after French ecology minister Jean-Louis Borloo finished his speech.

Greenpeace were drawing attention to climate change ahead of the summit in Copenhagen. They unveiled t-shirts and banners reading, “Action, Mr President”.

The protestors were eventually thrown out.