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Climate Change Conference - arrests

Nearly 1,000 arrested in Copenhagen

Article published on the 2009-12-13 Latest update 2009-12-27 13:34 TU

Arrested demonstrators sit on the ground, surrounded by police (Photo: Reuters)

Arrested demonstrators sit on the ground, surrounded by police
(Photo: Reuters)

Danish police rounded up 986 people as demonstrators marched through Copenhagen Saturday to call for an effective deal on global warming at the UN Climate Change Conference. A group of environment ministers start a closed-door meeting Sunday.

Police moved in when hundreds of black-clad youths threw bricks and smashed windows on the fringes of the demonstration. Riot police surrounded the area. They made alleged troublemakers sit on the ground with their hands behind their backs before taking them away in buses.

Facing accusations of indiscriminate arrests, the police say that they had to act and that most of those arrested have now been released.

Tens of thousands took part in the mostly peaceful demonstration in the Danish capital, while rallies were also organised in hundreds of other cities around the world.

On Sunday 48 environment ministers started a behind-closed-doors meeting to try to resolve differences over an agreement to reduce greenhouse gases. Over the first week negligible progress has been reported on major issues.

A draft agreement presented on Friday was criticised by poorer countries for failing to spell out financial commitments, while the US complained that it failed to commit China and other fast-developing countries to serious emissisons limitation.

A final draft is to be put before 110 national leaders on Friday.