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Afghanistan - cabinet nominations

Karzai nominates new cabinet ministers

Article published on the 2010-01-09 Latest update 2010-01-09 13:59 TU

An Afghan parliament member votes on the cabinet in Kabul, 2 January 2010.Photo: Reuters/Omar Sobhani

An Afghan parliament member votes on the cabinet in Kabul, 2 January 2010.
Photo: Reuters/Omar Sobhani

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has presented a second list of cabinet nominees to parliament. This is Karzai's second attempt to form a functioning Afghan goverment that will put an end to the country's drawn-out political process.

As each nominee was presented to the Wolesi Jirga - the lower house of Afghanistan's parliament - they came forward and bowed to the parliamentarians.

Of the 24 names on the list, only seven won approval in a secret ballot of lawmakers that was televised live last week.

The new list includes three women - for the posts of Women's Affairs, Public Health, and Disabled and Martyr portfolios.

There were no names put forward for the powerful Water and Power and Telecommunications positions. These will be presented in the coming days.

Last week's rejections have left Afghanistan without a fully functioning government, prolonging the political vacuum created by August's presidential election.

After being presented to parliament, each nominee will be questioned by MPs before a secret ballot for approval.

Presidential Spokesman Feroz Mohammad told AFP news agency that the debate could take a week before a ballot could be held.

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