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Haiti, UK-France, Greece's economy, Iran's nuke programme and a poem

by Tony Cross

Article published on the 2010-02-12 Latest update 2010-02-12 12:18 TU

Earthquake survivors block the main road to the airport during a rally to demand food, shelter and other aid (Photo: Reuters)

Earthquake survivors block the main road to the airport during a rally to demand food, shelter and other aid
(Photo: Reuters)

Haiti's children, immigration, Greece's economy, a poem, praise for RFI in English but criticism of our press review ... all this was on your minds this week for the last feedback column in its current form.

The devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti continues to arouse sympathy and anger.

“I think that haiti should at least have a little beat more than they really got right now...and i could ask you all a question how would u all like living the way they do???” asks American Brandy Osborne.

Another American, Kathy Caudle of  Salt Lake City, is angered by the attempt to adopt Haitian children whose parents turned out to be still alive.

“Those 10 ‘missionaries’ who were smuggling 33 children out of Haiti when they were caught should stay in jail in Haiti,” she writes. “Too many Americans prey upon too many impoverished countries like Haiti, as well as the Martial Islands etc., and consequently steal children from these often helpless nations. Then, more often than not, no one is ever held accountable when these family tragedies are discovered.”

Protests by anti-racist groups over the jailing of a French local councillor and her son for helping Vietnamese immigrants to enter the UK illegally fails to impress Alain Breton, of Kealakekua in Hawaii.

“Come now people. What do you think would happen to me if I tried to smuggle a group of bible toting Americans into Vietnam?” he asks.

Briton Maria Lopez thinks that other European countries should stop claiming to be shocked by Greece’s debt, which has led to strikes, an austerity package and debate about an EU bailout.

“Greece debts a record 300 Million Euros....erm the UK has trillions of pounds in debt,’’ she comments. “Long live the Queen (and our debt!)’’

From Russia Lucy Matseva send us “my rhymes about future times”.

“Don't ask me what will happen soon.
It is beyond your grasp, be sure not to everybody know.
Is it compulsory? Where is your boon ?
Snowfalls or hurricanes can't be compared with the summer's scorching glow.”

“France should stop dancing to the American tune,” is Brazilian Jose Filardo’s comment on the pressure on Iran not to expand its nuclear programme.

“By demonizing Iran, while condoning with the invasion of Afghanistan and the immoral support to the corrupt regime of Pakistan, France is betraying all its traditions. M. Sarkozy could show more personality, as did most of his predecessors, when France had a place in the concert of nations.”

An anonymous correspondent has some caustic comments on our French press review.

“The RFI press review may just get a few more clicks if the press reviewers weren't so busy congratulating themselves for their razor-sharp wit with every sentence they write. Perhaps it works better on air? Nope, tried that too. Just as self-gratifying. And let's not mention the choice of articles covered...”

But Pakistani Qamar Yousoufzai finds our programmes “very informative”, while his compatriot Sirajuddin Nizamani thinks RFI in English is “the very best” and wants RFI to start an Urdu service. He is not the first to make such a proposal but there are no plans for that at the moment, I’m afraid.

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