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Tony Cross
Pakistan's coalition government, elected in February 2008, is led by parties which were locked in struggle with the president, Pervez Musharraf, since he seized power in 1999. The country faces a number of challenges, including an army with a habit of intervening in politics, separatist movements, a judicial system in turmoil and widespread poverty. Tony Cross reported for RFI on the February election and earlier on the political crisis in September 2007.


Pakistan Lahore Karachi(photo: Tony Cross)

Hopes and fears of a crisis-racked country

Millions of Pakistanis voted for change on 18 February 2008 after months of street protests against President Musharraf and his allies. But it took the majority parties nearly a month to form a new government and soon found itself in crisis as the main parties fell out.

2008-05-14 12:37 TU

2008 election reports


Sikandria HayatJanjua(photo: Tony Cross)

Inside a jihadi training camp

Pakistan was born of the sectarian violence which split post-partition India, and it has rarely known much peace. Islamic groups, often trained by Pakistan's own secret services, turned on the US and the Pakistani governments allied to it. And their camps still exist.

2008-05-14 14:51 TU


(photo: Tony Cross)

Journey to the PPP heartland

Sindh is the traditional heartland of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP). Although a regionally-based party the Muttahida Quami Movement is strong in the provincial capital, Karachi, the PPP can mobilise millions of supporters in rural Sindh. 

2008-12-31 15:23 TU

Inflation and poverty

Baker in North West Frontier Province.(photo: Tony Cross)

Food prices rise, the government falls

Soaring food and utility prices contribution greatly to the unpopularity of President Pervez Musharraf and his allies. Poor Pakistanis found themselves hungry despite the government's boasts that the economy was booming.

2008-05-14 14:19 TU


Commuters pass by a PML-Q billboard in Gujrat( Photo : AFP )

The Gujrat Chaudrys: a PML-Q dynasty in its bastion

Punjab province is the stronghold of Nawaz Sharif's PML-N party. But the breakaway PML-Q took control of some key areas after it split to back President Pervez Musharraf. Gujrat became famous as a bastion for the Chaudry family.

2008-05-14 14:41 TU

Since the elections

Somalia/Pakistan - preachers killed

Five Pakistani preachers shot dead in Puntland

2009-08-12 17:53 TU

Pakistan - Taliban

Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud dead, tribesmen report

2009-08-07 14:06 TU

Pakistan - sectarian violence - interview

Troops sent to Punjab after anti-Christian riots leave six dead

2009-08-03 16:05 TU


Radical Swat valley cleric arrested

2009-07-26 14:17 TU


Pakistan's Supreme Court summons Musharraf

2009-07-22 16:55 TU


Taliban killed as Swat displaced return home

2009-07-14 15:42 TU

Pakistan explosion

Eleven reported dead in Punjab blast

2009-07-13 11:46 TU


UN probe into Bhutto assassination begins

2009-07-01 14:04 TU

France/Pakistan - 2002 attack

Opposition calls for parliamentary inquiry

2009-06-25 17:03 TU


Girls' school bombed; UN urges safety for displaced

2009-06-25 14:44 TU


Suicide bombers strike at luxury hotel

2009-06-11 11:41 TU

Pakistan - Swat valley offensive

Army says Swat operations soon over

2009-05-31 15:17 TU

Pakistan - Swat valley offensive

Taliban bombarded in bastions, 700,000 have fled Swat

2009-05-13 15:39 TU

Pakistan - Swat valley interview

No surrender to Taliban, says NWFP politician

2009-05-09 14:12 TU

Pakistan - anti-Taliban offensive

Islamic parties criticise offensive after troops capture Buner

2009-04-29 15:54 TU

Pakistan - interview Swat valley Taliban

All Pakistan should be under sharia law, says Taliban spokesperson

2009-04-29 07:51 TU

Pakistan - Swat valley

Taliban withdraw from Buner, military prepares operation in Swat

2009-04-24 14:40 TU


Pakistan sends troops to north-west as Taliban enter new district

2009-04-23 13:51 TU

Pakistan - Swat valley

Islamists take over another district after Malakand deal

2009-04-22 14:55 TU


Zardari should go, says PML-N after ban on Sharif brothers

2009-02-26 14:58 TU


Police arrest lawyers in Karachi as new long march begins

2009-03-12 14:54 TU


Sharif defies ban to back lawyers' long march

2009-03-16 14:54 TU

Pakistan - Taliban

Zardari signs sharia deal for Swat valley

2009-04-17 14:24 TU


Islamist leader pulls out of Swat Valley peace talks

2009-04-09 13:51 TU


Pakistani spies under pressure after Obama outlines AfPak strategy

2009-03-28 09:25 TU


Chief Justice Chaudhry reinstated

2009-03-23 06:16 TU


Sri Lankan cricket team attacked in Lahore

2009-03-04 12:39 TU


Sharif brothers banned from parliament, Muslim League blames Zardari

2009-02-26 14:49 TU


Swat Valley pro-Taliban rebels declare indefinite ceasefire

2009-02-24 14:41 TU


Thousands support Swat peace deal, France fears a threat to freedom

2009-03-15 09:09 TU

India/Pakistan - interview

Pakistan’s official reaction to Mumbai evidence “within days or weeks”?

2009-02-06 12:09 TU

Pakistan - interview

Information Minister resigns, say reports, as Islamabad faces lawyers' protest

2009-03-14 15:00 TU


Top judge to be reinstated, Islamabad protest march stops here

2009-03-16 17:58 TU


Peace process on hold after Mumbai attacks

2008-12-16 14:23 TU


Riots in Karachi cost 32 lives

2008-12-01 15:24 TU


Top US general warned over missile strikes

2008-11-03 15:00 TU


Taliban stronghold seized, claims army

2008-10-25 14:22 TU


Bhutto memorial draws 150,000 one year on

2008-12-29 10:50 TU


Presidential election date set

2008-08-22 13:18 TU


Long march for sacked judges begins

2008-06-10 14:59 TU


Suicide bomber kills four in Swat Valley

2008-10-16 13:51 TU


Dozens killed in hotel blast after Zardari speech

2008-09-20 16:00 TU


Zardari wins presidency

2008-09-08 12:22 TU


Sharif quits government

2008-08-26 10:55 TU


Bhutto's widower to run for president

2008-08-23 16:11 TU


Musharraf to be impeached

2008-08-07 13:20 TU


Top judge to be reinstated, Islamabad protest march stops here

2009-03-16 17:58 TU

Pakistan - interview

Information Minister resigns, say reports, as Islamabad faces lawyers' protest

2009-03-14 15:00 TU


UN to investigate Bhutto assassination

2008-07-11 15:31 TU


Thousands of protesters throng Islamabad

2008-06-14 09:41 TU

September 2007 reports


(Photo : AFP)

Guantanamo veteran in hiding from police

2009-04-16 12:23 TU


Hamid Gul(Photo: DR)

The spy who went into the cold

2008-05-28 09:53 TU


An English lesson at Dar-ul Uloom-Haqqania madrassa.(photo: Tony Cross)

Education mullah style

2008-05-14 15:44 TU