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Annonce Goooogle
Annonce Goooogle
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Parlez-vous Paris ?

Parlez-vous Paris ?
Whether they're from Nepal, Sudan, Slovakia or Canada, high school students or young bohemians, they've all just arrived in Paris and want to know more. What are the best neighbourhoods to hang out in? How to master the subway without getting lost, trampled or pick-pocketed? Why are the French so keen on lunch?


Le Talisman brisé

Le Talisman brisé
Kwame, a South African gardener, works with Professor Omar, the man who can make the Sahara green again, in his experimental garden in Burkina Faso. But one day, the professor is kidnapped right under his nose. It's the start of a dangerous adventure. Kwame learns to communicate in French and follows the clues that take him on the track of the kidnappers.


Mission Europe

Mission Europe
Delve into the world of languages with "Mission Europe's" three exciting radio adventures. "Mission Berlin", "Misja Kraków" and "Mission Paris" offer an original bilingual approach: the heroes of each adventure discover the language and culture of the country as their assignments unwind. Immerse yourself in the sound and discover French, German and Polish.


L´affaire du coffret

Affaire du coffret
" L´Affaire du Coffret " : The new bilingual crime serial on Radio France Internationale. Follow the adventures of Lucas, a British journalist in Paris. Is he an accomplice or a victim? He decides to trust no-one and to carry out a private investigation: Rather a tall order for someone who has lost his memory and doesn't speak French beyond "bonjour" and "au revoir".


Comment vont les affaires ?

Comment Vont les Affaires
Listen to the adventures of Daniel, a foreigner on a training course at French company Paragem. Twenty episodes help you get familiar with the language and workings of a French company : from first meetings with colleagues to payroll via stationary orders and business lunches. With transcripts and explanations.


Understanding the news

The news in simple French

Get to understand the news in French : one bulletin a day in simple French explains the events and puts the words into context.

9:00 pm GMT bulletin


Spotlight of the day

Improve your understanding of current affairs with exercises from the news in simple French.


Words in the news

Read and listen to this lively review explaining a word or item from the day's news.


Learning to listen