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Exclusive - Uganda

LRA says peace talks with government on again

Article published on the 2008-06-22 Latest update 2008-10-10 09:18 TU

RFI's Billie O'Kadameri(photo: LA Bagnetto)

RFI's Billie O'Kadameri
(photo: LA Bagnetto)

The elusive leader of Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army rebels today announced that he wants to return to peace negotiations with the Uganda government that up until recently appeared on the verge of collapse. In an exclusive interview with RFI, the first such he has given in more than 20 years, Joseph Kony says he believes negotation is the only way to end the conflict that has ravaged northern Uganda.

Peace talks between the LRA and the Uganda government have been going on in Juba since 2006, mediated by the semi-autonomous government of Southern Sudan. 

Two months ago, the LRA leader twice failed to turned up to sign a final peace accord, and cut off all contacts with mediators. Recently there were clashes between the LRA and Southern Sudanese troops, raising fears that the peace process was over.

Today Joseph Kony, speaking from the jungle in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo, told RFI's Billie O'Kadameri that he wants to immediately restart the process.

RFI's Billie Kadameri interviews Joseph Kony, leader of the rebel LRA in Uganda

22/06/2008 by Billie O'Kadameri