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Death toll at 22 after Delhi bombings

Article published on the 2008-09-14 Latest update 2008-09-15 14:31 TU

A man looks at a damaged car at the site of the bomb blast in New Delhi(Photo: Reuters)

A man looks at a damaged car at the site of the bomb blast in New Delhi
(Photo: Reuters)

Indian police are leading an inquiry into a series of bomb blasts in New Delhi on Saturday that killed 20 people and left 98 others injured. Responsibility for the attacks was claimed by a group called the "Indian Mujahideen", which sent an e-mail to the media ahead of the first blast.

RFI's correspondent in New Delhi, Pierre Prakash, said the first bomb went off at 6:15 on Saturday evening in the Karol Bagh neighbourhood. This was followed by two more in the city's business district, Connaught Place, he said. 

A fourth and fifth explosion followed in a city market, he explained saying that that some of the bombs were surprisingly weak while others were clearly designed to kill a maximum number of people.

The attacks come after a series of bombings this summer that struck Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. The "Indian Mujahideen" group claimed to have been behind these previous attacks.

RFI spoke to correspondent Vikram Roy who said that a strange pattern had emerged. "Just after the bombings, an e-mail was sent from one IP address to another saying 'operation Bad has been completed'. Now that has been translated as the Bangalore, Ahmedabad and now Delhi, B, A, D."

He said it was "absolutely established" that it was the same group which had bombed the city of Bangalore and Ahmedabad". He said "the same kind of bombs were used here with local timers, clocks and ammonium nitrate packed with steel bearings".

Interview: Correspondent Vikram Roy

14/09/2008 by Salil Sarkar


Delhi's police spokesman said the force had "vital and positive clues" and that it was hopeful it would solve this case. Meanwhile Indian television reported that several suspects had been detained overnight.

Tens of thousands of police and intelligence officers will be on the streets of New Delhi on Sunday for the close of the Hindu Ganesha celebrations.