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India - eyewitness report

Pakistan spy chief to help India, as blasts continue at Taj hotel

Article published on the 2008-11-28 Latest update 2008-11-28 14:33 TU

Smoke and fire billows out of the Taj Hotel in Mumbai overnight(Photo: Reuters)

Smoke and fire billows out of the Taj Hotel in Mumbai overnight
(Photo: Reuters)

India for the first time blamed "elements in Pakistan" on Friday for the attacks in Mumbai, which have cost more than 130 lives, as the head of Pakistani military intelligence (ISI) announced that he would travel to India to help the investigation. Speaking from outside the Taj hotel as a "huge blast" rang out, correspondent Mouhssine Enaimi told RFI why Delhi is making the charges. 

Report: Correspondent Mouhssine Enaimi

28/11/2008 by David Page

Enaimi said that the Indian authorities cite three reasons for their suspicions.

Foreign Sim cards were found on some of the attackers and they spoke in Punjabi, a language spoken in both Pakistan and India.

"And the last thing, but it's not confirmed yet, they said that one of the tourists that was killed was a Pakistani citizen."

The commandos who took control of the Taj say that in one room they found grenades, ammunition, plastic explosive and dollars.

"They said also that they cannot reach the CCTV room so they don't know what's happening in that room," says Enaimi.

A senior police official later said that explosives were found at both sides of the hotel, describing them as capable of causing "major damage".

The total number of foreigners killed in the attacks was eight, Indian security officials said on Friday, with a further 22 injured.

"Two Australian people were killed," Enaimi reports. "This was confirmed by the Ambassador of Australia"   

The city of Mumbai is "still in shock", he said.

"Right now people are still following what's happening. We've been told that assault was finished yesterday, we've been told that assault was finished a couple of hours ago. So people are now expecting to see the end of this."