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Abdullah Abdullah

by Tony Cross

Article published on the 2009-08-09 Latest update 2009-08-12 08:19 TU

Abdullah Abdullah(Photo: Wikipedia)

Abdullah Abdullah
(Photo: Wikipedia)

Abdullah Abdullah, 49, born of a Pashtun father and Tajik mother, is seen as the leading challenger to Hamid Karzai. He promises to restore Afghans’ faith in government and to have zero tolerance for corruption.

1960: Born in Kabul, father appointed a senator by the king.

1983: Graduates from Kabul University with a degree in ophthalmology.

1985: Leaves Afghanistan. Works at a hospital in an Afghan refugee campaign in Peshawar, Pakistan.

1986: Becomes close to Ahmad Shah Masood, the leader of the United Islamic Front, better known as the Northern Alliance, which fights the Soviet occupation and later the Taliban.

1995: Spokesperson for the Islamic State of Afghanistan during the post-Soviet war between mujahedeen factions, which saw the birth of the Taliban.

1997: Works with Ahmad Shah Masood during the war with the Taliban, serving as Foreign Minister in the Masood’s government, while the Taliban control 95 per cent of the country; arrives in Kabul with the Northern Alliance (see report The fall of the Taliban);

2001: Foreign Affairs Minister in the interim government.

2002-2006: Foreign Affairs Minister, quits government when Karzai proposes a less important post.

2006: Joins the United National Front with former President Burhanuddin Rabbani and Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim.

2009: Stands as presidential candidate, as Fahim deserts the front to support Karzai.

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