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Madagascar names a new prime minister

Article published on the 2009-12-21 Latest update 2009-12-21 16:27 TU

Andry Rajoelina( Photo: RFI )

Andry Rajoelina
( Photo: RFI )

Madagascar leader Andry Rajoelina named a new prime minister for the country, Colonel Albert Vital. For the second time in 48 hours. A separate decree canceled Friday's appointment of Cecile Manorohanta. Vital, also the owner of security company, held a cabinet meeting immediately after his appointment.

"We are in a very difficult, even frightening situation," Vital said in a speech to the people. "But faced with this situation I have accepted this appointment in order to contribute what I can and I ask the population to be indulgent," he added.

Vital was picked because he has a French background, according to Lydie Boka, manager and chief analyst on Madagascar at the Strategical Risk Analysis. "I think the whole situation is part of a much larger solution between France and other countries," she told RFI.

President Andry Rajoelina had rejected an internationally brokered power-sharing deal saying any attempts by the opposition to form a parliament this week would be illegal.

The 35-year-old leader of Madagascar's coup, which overthrew former President Marc Ravalomanana, decreed that the firing on Friday of prime minister Eugène Mangalaza annulled earlier decrees of the peace process signed in both Mozambique and Ethiopia.

Madagascar has been in political turmoil as Rajoelina, Ravalomanana as well as ex-leaders Didier Ratsiraka and Albert Zafy have fought over who should hold the top jobs in the country.

"I think he [Rajoelina] wanted to show that he was the boss," said Boka.

Boka told RFI that Rajoelina probably changed prime ministers after the other power-sharing groups decided to meet in Maputo without his consent.


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