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(Photo: RFI)

(Photo: RFI)

In early 2007 Billie O'Kadameri went into the northern Ugandan bush, hoping to attend final peace talks between the country's government and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). As he waited, he talked to rebel soldiers, some of whom had been pressed into service when they were as young as seven about the movement they joined, with or without their own consent. Then LRA leader Joseph Kony called the talks off. O'Kadameri looks at the rebel army's bloody history and the attempts to end its long campaign of violence.

Eyewitness in the bush

LRA fighters(Photo: Billie O'Kadameri)

Waiting for a peace which hasn't come - yet

The Lord's Resistance Army took up arms against Uganda's government, using the name of a violent cult which had already come to grief. It has forced children to become soldiers, mutilated and murdered. Now its leader says he wants peace. Billie O'Kadameri visited LRA fighters waiting for the end of a 20-year conflict.

2008-10-10 08:52 TU


LRA peace delegation(Photo: Billie O'Kadameri)

Where it came from and where it is now

The Lords Resistance Army has conducted one of Africa's longest and bloodiest rebellions. But now its leader says he wants peace. A look at the key dates in the movement's existence, from its origins to the state of the conflict now:

2008-10-09 15:24 TU

Uganda - the Lords Resistance Army

The facts and figures of a long and bloody conflict

Tens of thousands of children are believed to have been abducted, over two million people have been displaced, thousands have died, in a conflict which has spilled over Uganda's borders and brought in mediation by the US, the UN and the European Union.

2008-10-09 15:20 TU


LRA attacks Southern Sudan Army, peace talks likely to collapse

RFI has learnt that Ugandan insurgents of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) Thursday attacked soldiers of Southern Sudan for the first time, near a rebel assembly point earlier set up as part of the peace process. The attack means that talks between the LRA and the Ugandan government are likely to collapse.

2008-10-09 15:20 TU


Peace talks break down

A peace deal to end a 22-year-old conflict between the Uganda government and rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army is in chaos after fugitive rebel commander Joseph Kony delayed signing a final deal.

2008-06-28 09:06 TU