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Daniel Finnan
Irish voters head to the polls Friday 2 October 2009 to vote - again - on the Lisbon treaty, the last major hurdle for the new European constitution which has been ratified by the 26 other countries in the EU. Ireland rejected it in June 2008, but are set to give it another chance after months of negotiations and concessions from the EU. RFI's Daniel Finnan reports on the voting, with news, analysis and features from Ireland.


Irish referendum aftermath - Gerry Adams comments

Celebrating outside Dublin Castle after the Lisbon treaty referendum, 3 October 2009(Photo: Reuters)

Europe looks to Czech Republic, Poland after Ireland approves Lisbon Treaty

European leaders welcomed the Irish approval of the Lisbon Treaty, which would streamline how the 27-member group of countries is run. Attention is now being turned to the Czech Republic and Poland, whose leaders have not yet ratified the treaty.

2009-10-04 15:16 TU

Irish referendum 2009 - Lisbon treaty

Supporters watch the results of the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in a pub near the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels on Saturday(Photo: Reuters)

Treaty referendum passes with large majority

Official results from the vote-count in Ireland's referendum on the Lisbon treaty have been released in Dublin. Just over 67 per cent of votes cast Friday were in favour of the treaty, with almost 33 per cent opposed. The Irish government and the head of the EU commission have welcomed the result.

2009-10-03 10:06 TU

Irish referendum 2009

Ireland votes at the St Andrew's Resource Centre in Dublin(Photo: Aida Palau)

Yes voters optimistic on Lisbon Treaty

Voting has closed in the Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty. Turnout in Dublin was reportedly higher than during the referendum last year and many are expecting a Yes result.

2009-10-03 10:09 TU

Irish referendum 2009 - voting underway

Presiding officer Hugh O'Donnell and police officer Barry McCann carry the ballot box used to collect votes on the Island of Inishfree, County Donegal, on 30 September 2009(Photos: Reuters)

Ireland votes on Lisbon Treaty

Polling got underway in Ireland on Friday in a crucial referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. If passed, the treaty could pave the way for long-delayed structural reforms of the European Union to come into force.

2009-10-02 10:15 TU

Lisbon Treaty 2009 - Irish referendum report

Protest rally in Dublin, 1 October 2009.(Photo: D Finnan)

Recession likely to decide Irish referendum

As unemployment in Ireland approaches 500,000 people, or almost 13 per cent, the economy is at the forefront of voters’ minds as they vote in the Lisbon treaty referendum.

2009-10-02 11:44 TU

Ireland - young people and the Lisbon Treaty

Fran(Photo: Daniel Finnan)

Generation Yes or Generation No?

The eyes of Europe are on Ireland as the country prepares to vote in Friday's referendum on the controversial Lisbon Treaty. But, after a show of apathy in the previous vote, will young voters turn out this time?

2009-10-01 08:11 TU

Lisbon treaty 2009 - Irish referendum

Each side of the referendum debate is accusing the other of talking rubbish(Daniel Finnan/RFI)

Lisbon debate turns sour before referendum

With only a few days left before Irish voters go to the polls to decide the fate of the controversial Lisbon treaty, leading members of the Yes and No campaigns have been working hard to discredit their rivals.

2009-10-01 08:07 TU