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Adé (centre) & the KLLB band in the studio at New Style Radio, Birmingham(Photo: Afrobeat)

African radio in the UK

Community radio in Britain celebrated its fifth birthday this year and there are now more than 140 community stations broadcasting across the country. New Style Radio in Birmingham and Voice of Africa Radio in London are two stations giving Africans the opportunity to have their voice heard.

2009-10-12 17:07 TU


Africa Express

After playing Nigeria, the DRC and England, Damon Albarn’s Africa Express came to Paris with its mix of Western and African artists in August to improvise a free concert in the centre of Paris. RFI caught up with various artists to find out what it felt like to take part in this live music mash up.

2009-10-12 17:09 TU

Workers at the Thiais cemetery bring an coffin to a tomb(Photo: <a href="" target="_blank">Les Morts de la Rue</a>)

Buried alone

French law gives everyone the right to a free burial. But if there’s no one to bury you, it’s just grave diggers lowering a body into the ground. A group of homeless advocates decided to change this and today someone comes to every burial of an unclaimed body in Paris.

2009-10-12 17:10 TU

The 'Other' stage at the Glastonbury festival 2009(Photo: Daniel Finnan)

Glastonbury festival 2009 - more than just music

The Glastonbury festival has a hippy past stretching back to the 1970s. In 2009 it attracted some of the music industry’s hottest acts but it is more than just music and there was an agenda for change in this year's festival, that embodies the philosophy of one of the world’s largest greenfield festivals.

2009-10-12 17:10 TU

Louis Kasekende Chief Economist at the African Development Bank speaking to the International Economic Forum on Africa(Photo: Daniel Finnan)

Is Africa surviving the global economic crisis?

At a time when the world is in the grip of an economic downturn, it seems as if Africa is bucking the trend. But why is Africa different and how will it escape serious meltdown?

2009-10-12 17:10 TU

(Photo: Musée des Arts Decoratifs)

Madeleine Vionnet, a fashion purist

Madeleine Vionnet was one of Art Deco's first patrons and was France's first conceptual fashion designer. She is the focus of a new show at Paris's Musée des Arts Decoratifs. Visitors get to explore her style staples which include the bias cut, Grecian draping, handkerchief hems or the halter neck.

2009-12-22 16:52 TU

Mexico City, during the pandemic(Photo: Daniel Brown)

Mexico's Flu Scare

Mexico City was hard hit by the A(H1N1) flu epidemic in April. But six weeks after authorities restricted the population to their homes, the city still had doubts about government response to the disease.

2009-10-12 17:11 TU

US army troops on June 6 1944(Photo: Wikipedia)

Remembering D-Day

June 6 1944 was the beginning of the end of World War Two. Listen to the stories of three people who lived through that day 65 years ago.

2009-10-12 15:46 TU

Rotterdam city centre(Photo: Daniel Brown)

Rotterdam European Youth Capital

Rotterdam is Europe's first-ever Youth Capital in 2009. It organised a series of events over the summer to celebrate its young population. But tensions and clichés are also part of this feel-good operation.

2009-10-12 17:13 TU

Kosovo's livestock farmers outside their pigshed, June 2009(Photo: A O'Donnell)

Slum farming and toilet malls in Nairobi - Kenyan entrepreneurs

In a slum in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, a group of young men have turned to raising livestock as a way out of poverty. Elsewhere in the city a business on a bigger scale is building "toilet malls" around the city to provide sanitation points attached to services like shops, shoeshining and phone recharging.

2009-10-12 17:14 TU

Iraqis line up at a UNHCR centre in Syria.(Photo: UNHCR/Awabdeh)

Stranded in Syria - the Iraq refugee crisis

Syria took the greatest number of refugees from conflict in Iraq, but the number of returns has been small. As the world's focus shifts away from Iraq, the question of what happens to those who escaped the violence has yet to be answered.

2009-10-12 17:14 TU

Work on the Jerusalem transport system(Photo: Diakonia)

Veolia and the Jerusalem Metro

The Jerusalem Light Rail Project is an innocent public transport initiative on the surface, but in a part of the world where there are so many lines in the sand, it brings hostilities to the fore by crossing them all.

2009-10-12 17:28 TU

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