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France - nuclear plant bomb scare

French nuclear plant evacuated after bomb scare

Article published on the 2009-04-30 Latest update 2009-04-30 11:21 TU

Nuclear plant in Cattenom, France in 2005(Photo: <a href="">Wikipedia</a>)

Nuclear plant in Cattenom, France in 2005
(Photo: Wikipedia)

A French nuclear power plant in Chinon, central France, was exacuated on Thursday after a bomb alert. According to Électricité de France (EDF), an anonymous phone call warned of an attack.

Police investigated all high-security areas of the Chinon nuclear power plant in central France, but found nothing unusual, according to local authorities.

A tipoff was received by EDF, the French electricity company early on Thursday morning. Nicolas Chantrenne, head of the prefect’s office said the caller announced, “bomb deposited”.

Bomb disposal experts and sniffer dogs are being used in ongoing inspections of the site, and the plant itself is still operational.

The Chinon plant has four functioning nuclear reactors and employs more than 1,200 people.

In the past environmental groups have said they are concerned about possible attacks on nuclear facilities.