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The Grand Paris - toward a metropolis of the future

(© Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners)

(© Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners)

Paris may be the city of light and the city of love, but one thing it isn't is very big. Only 11 km east to west, Paris's population overflowed into the sprawling suburbs centuries ago, and centuries of political paralysis has prevented any centralised development. Paris in the 21st Century, however, is finally coming into its own. Ten teams of architects, young and old, French and foreign, famous and unknown, have been invited to reflect on Le Grand Paris and their projects will be presented at Paris's architecture museum starting 30 April 2009. Here is a sneak peak into some of their ideas.

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(© Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners)

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(© Christian de Portzamparc)(© Christian de Portzamparc)

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The Eiffel tower in Paris(Photo: RFI)

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Follow the latest developments in the imagining of the 21st century Paris with links to French-language sites.

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