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The Visa pour l'image photojournalism festival opens in the southern French town of Perpignan on 29 August and runs until 13 September. This year will be the 21st Visa pour l'image and festival-goers will be looking at the world's news as well as in-depth feature photoreportage. RFI previews the festival and will be reporting from Perpignan's Visa, which this year features the inaugural RFI-F24 webdocumentary competition.

Reports - Visa pour l'image 2009

Perpignan photojournalism festival

Visitors reflected in the presentation panel of Richards' exhibition(Photo: Aidan O'Donnell / RFI)

Broken bodies of the US's Iraq veterans

One of the most powerful shows in the Perpignan Visa pour l'image festival displays pictures of Iraq veterans, physically and emotionally scarred by their experience of war.

2009-09-07 14:44 TU

Perpignan photojournalism festival

Young workers carrying bricks on their back(Credit: Luca Catalano-Gonzaga)

Photos of Nepali child labour win Care Humanitarian Reportage Award

Italian photographer Luca Catalano Gonzago is this year’s winner of the Care Humanitarian Reportage Award at the Visa pour l’image festival. He collected his prize at Thursday night’s festival screening, for his report on children in Nepal who work in brick-making.

2009-09-07 15:12 TU

Perpignan photojournalism festival

(Photo: Aidan O'Donnell)

Astrada's massacre in Madagascar

Walter Astrada covered the violent coup in Madagascar and is causing a stir in Perpignan with his images. He says why he's lucky to be alive. 

2009-09-07 06:45 TU

Perpignan photojournalism festival

(Picture: Dominic Nahr/Œil Public)

Road to Nowhere

Young photojournalist Dominic Nahr talks about his exhibition "Road to Nowhere", which documents fighting between the army of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Laurent Nkunda's rebel forces. He describes his photos; from the desperate situation of the fighting forces to the mass exodus of people leaving the town of Goma. 

2009-09-07 06:47 TU

Perpignan photojournalism festival

(Photo: Aidan O'Donnell)

Contact sheet criticism

France's Association Nationale des Iconographes is in Perpignan to give advice to photographers, but also to spot talent. Around 300 photographers receive advice from the team of photo editors over the festival, all of them hoping to be picked for the prestigious coup de coeur selection.

2009-09-07 06:46 TU

Perpignan photojournalism festival

One of many venues showing photos from the Visa Off(Photo: A. O'Donnell)

Photojournalism festival brings the world in images to France

Those sensible people in Perpignan are holding the 21st Visa pour l’image just as the French rentrée - or back to school season - kicks in. So temperatures are graciously hovering around thirty degrees and the crowds have got out of the seaside town to return to Paris for work and school.

2009-09-07 06:50 TU

France 24 television reports from Visa pour l'image on the photographers, their work and the prizes

Visa pour l'image 2009 - background

What's on

(Photo: Abbas / Magnum)

The exhibitors, the events

Festival Director Jean-François Leroy says that Perpignan is still "an absolute must for everyone involved in photojournalism" despite the alleged death of the profession, with cuts in the number of magazine assignments, the rates paid, and a boom in pictures with no royalties or rights.

2009-09-07 15:37 TU

Interview - Magnum

(Photo: / Magnum)

Modernising Magnum: In Motion for the web

Magnum Photos has expanded into online photo essays, calling their new division In Motion. Magnum's In Motion department was a reaction to "what was going on in news media and how it was falling and falling assignments - so less outlets to get your work out there," says director Mark Lubell.

2009-08-26 11:04 TU

Interview - festival founder

(Photo: DR)

A celebration of photojournalism and a meeting point, says director

Two decades after it was first set up, the festival receives thousands of requests to exhibit from budding photojournalists around the world. Director Jean-François Leroy says that the Visa pour l'image festival is still grounded in a dedication to news and a collection of stunning exhibition spaces.

2009-08-26 10:45 TU


A Mexican family, 19th century(Photo: Library of Congress)

Photojournalism, a brief history

A photographer taking wedding photos basically aims to satisfy the bride and groom, while a photojournalist has a role towards the public: to supply precise, honest and up-to-date information.

2009-08-26 10:43 TU

photography - listen

Lee Miller: model, muse and war photographer (Audio - 10 minutes 33 seconds)

Lee Miller: model, muse and war photographer

Acclaimed photographer Lee Miller was the toast of Paris in the 20s and 30s and hit the pinnacle of her career as a war correspondent during WWII. Laura Angela Bagnetto talks to independent curator Margit Rowell about Miller's charmed, yet tortured life.

(Photo: D. Sherman/Lee Miller Archives)


Seydou Keïta, Malian photographer (Audio - 14 minutes 25 seconds)

Seydou Keïta, Malian photographer

The Tate Modern has a major display of Keïta's portraits. Billy Head visits the Tate with a curator and talks to an art collector about who actally owns the photos.

(Photo: Seydou Keïta)


Voices: Guy Tillim (Audio - 20 minutes 06 seconds)

Voices: Guy Tillim

In Paris for a major exhibition of his work, Guy Tillim talks about two of his most recent photographic series, "Jo'burg", a collection of photos taken in 2004 in the rundown high-rise apartment blocks of central Johannesburg, and "Patrice Lumumba Avenue", named after the famous Congolese anti-colonial leader.