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The second round of voting in Afghanistan's presidential election has been cancelled after the first round runner-up Abdullah Abdullah pulled out of the race. The vote had been scheduled for later this month amid allegations of massive fraud in the first round on 20 August 2009.  Tony Cross, who covered the first round, as well as the 2004 presidential poll and 2005’s legislative election, reports on the situation in Afghanistan following the re-election of Hamid Karzai as the country's president.

Analysis - after the election

US/Afghanistan - Obama troop plan analysis

Obama meets the troops before his announcement(Photo: Reuters)

Why more troops? Can they win?

Reactions to President Barack Obama's plan to send 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan have varied from the Taliban's promise to kill them to Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen's promise to send 5,000 Europeans. What is behind the decision? And what are its chances of working?

2009-12-02 16:10 TU

Afghanistan - Karzai sworn in - analysis

Hamid Karzai inspects the guard of honour before his inauguration as President in Kabul, 19 November 2009.(Photo: Jerry Lampen/Reuters)

Afghans and Western leaders wary of Karzai anti-corruption pledges

Taking the oath of office as Afghanistan’s President on Thursday, Hamid Karzai promised to tackle corruption, violence and poverty during his second term. But his erstwhile foreign backers have put him on notice, and Afghans know he faces a huge challenge.

2009-11-19 15:15 TU

Reports after the election

Afghanistan - unrest

Hamid Karzai is sworn in 19 November(Photo: Reuters)

Ten killed in suicide blast during Karzai inauguration

A suicide bomber has killed 10 civilians in southern Afghanistan, the second attack on the same day President Hamid Karzai was sworn into office. The bombing in Uruzgan province followed a suicide attack in neighbouring Zabul, which killed two US soldiers.

2009-11-19 13:32 TU

Afghanistan - presidential inauguration

President Hamid Karzai during his swearing-in ceremony

Challenges await as Karzai is sworn in for second term

Afghan President Hamid Karzai vowed to combat corruption and extended a hand out to his chief rival, Abdullah Abdullah, after he was sworn in for a second term on Thursday, facing Western pressure to restore legitimacy as a US-led war stretches into a ninth year.

2009-11-19 09:14 TU

Afghanistan - report

Day labourer Abdurrahim.Photo: Tony Cross/RFI

Poverty remains Afghanistan's forgotten curse

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is under international orders to tackle insurgency and corruption after he is sworn in on Thursday. But what about the poverty most Afghans suffer? A report from the streets of Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif.

2009-11-18 17:46 TU

Afghanistan after the elections - security

A security poster in Mazar-e-Sherif, which says 'police enforce the law' and provides emergency phone numbers(Photo: Manu Pochez/RFI)

Conspiracy theories blossom as violence increases in northern Afghanistan

Northern Afghanistan has been less affected by Taliban insurgency than the south, but violence increased there this year, particularly in the run-up to the controversial presidential election, giving rise to conspiracy theories and finger-pointing.

2009-11-17 10:29 TU

Afghanistan - interview with key Abdullah ally

A Mazar resident asks for the Governor's help(Photo: Many Pochez)

Northern powerbroker calls for Abdullah supporters in government

Supporters of Hamid Karzai’s main rival for Afghanistan’s presidency should be included in the new government, says Atta Mohammad, a big powerbroker in the north of the country in his provincial capital, Mazar-e-Sharif.

2009-11-16 15:29 TU

Afghanistan - post elections

Daya Singh Anjaan, spokesperson of the Afghan Hindu-Sikh Society, in the Dharamsal temple(Photo: Tony Cross)

Sikhs struggle for recognition in the Islamic republic

Afghanistan’s presidential election this year brought to light potential tension between its various ethnic groups. But there are also small religious minorities in this overwhelmingly Muslim nation. What is life like for Afghanistan’s Sikhs?

2009-11-15 12:03 TU

Afghanistan - interview - anti-corruption official

Anti-corruption official Ershad Ahmadi.(Photo: Tony Cross/RFI)

Can Karzai end Afghan corruption?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has to tackle huge problems, and according to reports, US ambassador Karl Eikenberry has no confidence in him. One of the biggest curses in today’s Afghanistan is corruption. Do Afghans think it can be ended?

2009-11-13 18:32 TU

Afghanistan - report

Faizullah(Photo: Tony Cross)

Afghans resigned to country's fate

A teenage boy sands a door frame in the sun as cars and lorries roar past a carpentry shop in Kabul’s Yakatoot district. The area, a busy but not very wealthy collection of homes and small workplaces along the road to Jalalabad, is predominantly Pashtoon, Afghanistan’s majority ethnic group. President Hamid Karzai is a Pashtoon, as are the majority of his armed opponents, the Taliban.

2009-11-12 12:16 TU

Afghan news

US/Afghanistan - Obama troop build-up

Europe ponders Afghan troop increase

2009-12-03 12:15 TU

US/Afghanistan - reactions to Obama troop announcement

France welcomes Obama plan ... but no more troops

2009-12-02 12:54 TU


Obama bolsters Afghan force by 30,000

2009-12-02 15:53 TU

Germany/Afghanistan - minister resigns

Jung quits cabinet over Kunduz killings

2009-11-27 14:44 TU

Afghanistan - suicide bomb

Suicide bomber kills 15 in Farah

2009-11-20 12:08 TU


Deadly attack as local leaders meet with French general

2009-11-16 14:21 TU

Afghanistan - troop reinforcements

US envoy warns against sending more soldiers to Afghanistan

2009-11-12 14:12 TU

Afghanistan - Nato strike

Seven Afghans die in Nato airstrike

2009-11-08 16:55 TU

Afghanistan/UK - Brown warns Karzai

Brown warns Karzai over corruption

2009-11-06 15:33 TU

Afghanistan - Taliban violence

United Nations to evacuate all non-essential workers

2009-11-05 14:50 TU

Afghanistan - Abdullah slams Karzai re-election

Abdullah attacks Karzai re-election

2009-11-04 10:27 TU

Afghanistan - elections resolution

Karzai vows to stamp out corruption during second term

2009-11-05 14:26 TU

Afghanistan - elections crisis

UN chief congratulates Karzai as run-off poll is cancelled

2009-11-02 17:22 TU

Afghanistan - presidential election

Abdullah pulls out of second round, calls for calm

2009-11-01 11:14 TU

Afghan presidential election - second round

Explainer: Why is it taking place and will it work?

2009-10-29 17:05 TU

Afghanistan - election 2009

Karzai rejects Abdullah call for IEC chief sacking

2009-10-27 15:32 TU

Afghanistan - Elections 2009

Abdullah boycott decision awaited

2009-10-31 16:56 TU

Afghanistan - elections run-off

Foreign staff, candidates lie low ahead of Afghan ballot

2009-10-30 16:43 TU

Afghanistan - bomb

Eight dead in roadside attack

2009-10-30 06:53 TU


Families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan to sue

2009-10-29 14:21 TU

Afghanistan - UN attack

Taliban murder six UN foreigners in guesthouse assault

2009-10-28 17:41 TU

Afghanistan-US helicopter deaths

14 Americans die in two Afghan helicopter crashes

2009-10-26 15:40 TU

Afghanistan - presidential election

Taliban tells voters to boycott second round

2009-10-24 13:22 TU

Afghanistan - heroin trade

Afghanistan provides 93 per cent of world's opium

2009-10-22 10:34 TU

Afghanistan - elections run-off

UN says 200 poll monitors to be replaced

2009-10-22 10:34 TU

France/UK/Afghanistan/Iraq - Asylum

Three failed asylum seekers forcibly deported

2009-10-22 10:08 TU

Afghanistan - presidential election

November date for presidential second-round run-off

2009-10-20 17:06 TU

Afghanistan/France - election stalemate

Massive fraud in Afghan poll, says Kouchner on Kabul trip

2009-10-19 07:02 TU

Afghanistan - Kandahar unrest

Bus blast kills 30 civilians in Taliban stronghold

2009-09-29 10:29 TU

Afghanistan - leaked US military report

Top US commander says more troops or risk failure

2009-09-21 09:10 TU

Afghanistan - Eid messages

Karzai calls for peace, Mullah Omar promises defeat

2009-09-20 11:03 TU


Two killed in raid to free reporter

2009-09-10 08:50 TU


Merkel defends involvement in Afghanistan

2009-09-08 16:52 TU

Afghanistan - airstrike

Germany could have violated Nato rules: Washington Post

2009-09-06 11:44 TU

Afghanistan/drugs - UN interview

Price drop pushes down opium production but will it rise again?

2009-09-02 14:42 TU

Afghanistan - Nato airstrike

Dozens killed in Nato airstrike

2009-09-04 14:35 TU

Afghanistan - mosque bombing

Deputy intelligence chief killed in suicide attack

2009-09-02 15:09 TU

Richard Holbrooke – exclusive interview

Holbrooke denies Karzai flame-up, justifies Afghan election process

2009-09-02 08:06 TU


US not happy with Karzai and lets him know it

2009-08-28 13:12 TU

Afghanistan - fighting

12 Taliban killed in clinic siege

2009-08-27 17:07 TU

Afghanistan - Kandahar bomb

Kandahar truck bomb kills at least 43

2009-08-26 17:12 TU

Afghanistan - vote

Karzai narrowly ahead, say election commission

2009-08-25 14:57 TU



Afghanistan - slideshow

Shafir Khoar runs a vegetable stall at a busy crossroads. People don't have enough money to buy as much as they need, but he earns enough to look after his family

People of Kabul

2009-09-02 14:07 TU

Reports - the first round

Afghanistan elections - Abdullah Abdullah interview

Abdullah Abdullah at a news conference in Kabul, 23 August 2009(Photo: Reuters)

Abdullah claims fraud, says will fight Karzai victory claims

2009-09-18 17:19 TU

Afghanistan - Bashardost interview

Afghan presidential candidate Ramzan Bashardost.(Photo: T. Cross)

Afghan Mr Clean takes on Karzai ... and everyone else

2009-08-19 07:02 TU

Afghanistan - Mohaqeq interview

(Photo: Tony Cross)

Hazara leader defends Karzai alliance

2009-08-21 14:49 TU

Afghanistan elections - journalists under pressure

Election official and voter and Wazir Akbar Khan polling station, Kabul(Photo: Tony Cross/RFI)

Afghan reporters defy government decree and Taliban

2009-08-24 08:48 TU

Afghanistan presidential election - fears of protests

A disabled election worker at Qala-e-Fatullah polling station, Kabul - many Afghans have lost limbs in decades of war(Photo: Tony Cross/RFI)

Doubts over turnout and victor hang over Afghan election

2009-08-23 09:04 TU

Afghanistan - Elections

An election worker sorts through ballots at a polling centre in Kabul 21 August, 2009.(Photo: Reuters/Ahmad Masood)

Vote-counting ends, Karzai and Abdullah claim victory

2009-08-21 12:36 TU

Afghanistan - elections

Election officials sort ballot papers in Kandahar(Photo: Reuters)

Twenty six dead but election day hailed as a success

2009-08-21 09:16 TU

Afghanistan election - Kabul shootout

(Photo: Reuters)

Police and Taliban clash in the capital

2009-08-21 14:17 TU

Afghanistan - elections

Afghan President Hamid Karzai casts his vote in Kabul(Photo: Reuters)

Security tight on voting day

2009-08-21 09:11 TU


Armed police race out of the Kabul street where alleged Taliban staged a bank raid Wednesday(Photo: Tony Cross / RFI)

Three gunmen killed in early-morning bankraid

2009-08-19 09:47 TU

Afghanistan presidential election

Khoshal, a migrant worker outside of Kabul, August 2009(Photo: RFI Tony Cross)

Impoverished voters turn backs on election

2009-08-19 09:17 TU

Afghanistan - TV debate

The presidential debate is televised in a restaurant in Kabul on Sunday(Photo: Reuters)

Karzai under fire over warlord allies

2009-08-19 07:02 TU

The rivals

Hamid Karzai(Photo: AFP)

Hamid Karzai

2009-08-09 17:27 TU

Abdullah Abdullah(Photo:Wikipedia)

Abdullah Abdullah

2009-08-09 17:33 TU

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