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Afghanistan's 2009 presidential election took place after an internal political wrangle over the date. International politicians and military chiefs also joined in the planning at a special conference in the Hague and a meeting of Nato chiefs in Strasbourg. They pledged to work for security and honesty; the Taliban promised to disrupt the vote.

The Hague summit

Afghanistan conference ends - report

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at a news briefing at the World Forum Conference Centre in the Hague March 31, 2009.(Photo: Reuters)

Afghan government backs plan to split Taliban

Afghan government representatives at Tuesday's international conference at the Hague endorsed the Obama adminstration's plan to win over fighters from the Islamist insurgency. But they seemed unclear as to whether potential defectors were "good Taliban". US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed that there had been "unplanned" contact between special envoy Richard Holbrooke and the Iranian delegation.

2009-04-01 09:42 TU


A wounded man at the Kandahar attack(Photo: Reuters)

Taliban judge US reconciliation plan crazy, kill 13 in Kandahar

Afghanistan's Taliban insurgents on Wednesday dubbed the US reconciliation plan "crazy" after Tuesday's international conference in the Hague. The Islamist group has claimed responsibility for an attack in Kandahar which killed 17, including the attackers.

2009-04-01 15:28 TU

Afghanistan conference - report

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the conference on Afghanistan in the Hague on 31 March 2009.(Photo: Reuters)

Clinton aims to win over Taliban defectors

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for efforts to win over defectors from the Taliban at an international conference on Afghanistan in the Hague today. Afghan President Hamid Karzai pledged to fight corruption and welcomed the Obama administration's plans for his country.

2009-04-01 09:45 TU

Hague Afghanistan conference - report

Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende and Afghan President Hamid Karzai at The Hague 30 March 30.(Photo: Reuters)

US, EU offer election cash

The US and the European Commission have promised funds for Afghanistan's presidential election in August as an international conference on the wartorn country opens in the Hague. Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia is attending. Washington and Nato want neighbouring countries to work with them to defeat the Taliban and reconstruct Afghanistan.

2009-03-31 08:49 TU

Nato summits


Defence minsters from eight Nato countries meet in the Netherlands ahead of Thursday's talks in Brussels.  Photo: Reuters/Michael Kooren

Nato defence ministers review Afghanistan strategy

Defence ministers from eight Nato nations are meeting in Brussels on Thursday to review the strategy of troops fighting the Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan.

2009-06-11 10:33 TU


An anti-Nato protester in a street in a Strasbourg suburb on 2 April(Photo: Reuters)

Obama's Afghan plan faces tough test in Europe

The US's Nato allies are unlikely to deliver all President Barack Obama wants when it comes to sending extra troops to Afghanistan, despite apparent agreement at Tuesday's conference on Afghanistan in the Hague.

2009-04-03 12:03 TU

Nato summit/France

Nato Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer speaks at Nato 2020 conference(Photo: Reuters)

Obama meets Sarkozy in Strasbourg and Merkel in Baden-Baden

US President Barack Obama met France's Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni in the western French city of Strasbourg on Friday morning. Shortly after the meeting, he flew by helicopter to Baden-Baden to meet Angela Merkel ahead of a Nato summit.

2009-04-03 16:12 TU

Nato summit

(L-R) Nato Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Polish President Lech Kaczynski, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Iceland's Minister of Foreign Affairs Ossur Skarphedinsson, and US President Barack Obama walk on the "Two Banks" bridge over the Rhine river in Kehl, 4 April 2009(Photo: Reuters)

Politics threatens to overshadow Nato Summit

At the opening dinner of the Nato summit in Baden Baden, Germany, Friday, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to veto the consensus candidate for the alliance’s next Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in an ongoing row over anti-Islamic cartoons published Rasmussen’s native Denmark. The early conflict risks consuming much of the summit’s negotiations.

2009-04-04 08:53 TU

News stories


Taliban vow to prevent voting in presidential poll

2009-07-30 14:16 TU


UK-led Afghan operation over, local ceasefire in the north

2009-07-27 14:14 TU


Captured US soldier questioned in Taliban video

2009-07-19 11:01 TU

Afghanistan/US – civilian deaths

US mistakes likely cause of civilian deaths in Afghanistan

2009-06-20 10:43 TU


Air strike kills Taliban commander and up to 16 militants, US says

2009-06-10 15:03 TU


Civilian casualties unacceptable, rights groups say

2009-05-15 15:53 TU


US replaces Nato commander in Afghanistan

2009-05-12 07:44 TU


Obama hails Pakistan-Afghanistan front in fight against Taliban

2009-05-07 13:40 TU


Bereaved army colonel calls for US soldiers to be punished

2009-04-13 11:18 TU


Karzai rejects criticism of controversial bill allowing Shia family law

2009-04-04 14:39 TU


Karzai accepts August election date

2009-03-07 13:49 TU


Karzai welcomes Obama hint of talks with Taliban

2009-03-08 14:08 TU


Kabul to join Obama's review of war on terror

2009-02-15 11:06 TU


US drone kills 27, Holbrooke meets Karzai

2009-02-14 14:39 TU


Holbrooke in Kabul, as security deteriorates

2009-02-13 15:29 TU


Tajikistan to allow US supplies through, after closure of airbase

2009-02-06 15:00 TU


US-led forces kill at least 15

2009-01-24 11:53 TU


US may double troop presence

2008-12-21 10:09 TU


Bush visits Afghanistan after ducking shoes in Iraq

2008-12-15 16:08 TU


Bomb attack on US embassy kills five

2008-11-27 12:19 TU


Security forces arrest ten in schoolgirl acid attack

2008-11-26 09:32 TU

Afghanistan/US presidential election

Karzai calls for end to civilian casualties

2008-11-06 10:07 TU


Building workers free after mass hostage-taking

2008-09-27 15:51 TU


Talks to free 150 labourers held hostage

2008-09-25 11:21 TU


Bush announces fewer troops in Iraq, more for Afghanistan

2008-09-10 09:11 TU


Karzai sacks general after village killings, French review deadly ambush

2008-08-24 13:36 TU


Protests as 76 reported killed by US air-strikes

2008-08-24 08:36 TU


Coalition troops kill four women and a child

2008-08-08 14:21 TU


Record violence hinders aid, say NGOs

2008-08-01 15:01 TU


Obama arrives in Afghanistan

2008-07-19 10:31 TU


New general for NATO-led forces in Afghanistan

2008-06-03 17:28 TU


Investigations into Karzai attack

2008-04-28 13:57 TU


Karzai safe after attack in Kabul

2008-04-28 14:43 TU

2009: The main presidential candidates

Hamid Karzai(Photo: AFP)

Hamid Karzai

2009-08-09 17:27 TU

Abdullah Abdullah(Photo:Wikipedia)

Abdullah Abdullah

2009-08-09 17:33 TU

Ramazan Bashardost(Photo: Bashardost website)

Ramazan Bashardost

2009-08-09 17:42 TU

Ashraf Ghani

2009-08-11 12:29 TU